How about that?

                I was surprised that’s for sure! I completely expected us to get destroyed, I was also kind of hoping that we would lose. I wanted to be sure to get Teddy Bridgewater or a good QB in the first round. I’m fairly certain the Jaguars are going to take Bridgewater though. Maybe we’ll get somebody for our O-line again so AP can actually run better next year!

                In the beginning of the game I thought it was going to be just like the VikingsPackers game (which I went to, I’ll get to that in a bit), when we couldn’t stop them at all on third down, which in the first half it was pretty much that! But in the second half the defense stepped up, and Ponder played great today! Then when Ponder hurt his hand Cassel came in and actually did decent!

                One thing that irritates me about Vikings fans is that they started booing right away. I understand we’re having a terrible season, and yeah I suppose Ponder’s pass was bad horrible, but come on. Our quarterbacks are getting booed after their first incomplete pass! But, wow, the defense in the first half was just pathetic!

                Now, on to the ugliness that was the VikingsPackers game. I had a heck of a lot of fun at that game. Despite sitting in a section full of Packers fans, including my friend Karissa. At first it was just going to be me and my best friend Anthony but then he let Karissa come because of some crappy stuff that happened to her. So we got her to feel better! Yay!

                But! I was so excited at the beginning of that game! Cordarrelle Patterson returned the opening kick-off for a touchdown and it was so awesome! Just the amount of excitement in the Metrodome was insane! But then, it all went to hell in a handbasket, because we couldn’t stop them at all. They ran all over us, they passed all over us, they just stomped us. The score makes it seem a lot closer than the game actually was. We scored two touchdowns in garbage time so that accounted for pretty much nothing. We didn’t stop them on third down at all. It was just… ridiculous. Ugh. But I had a lot of fun at the game regardless! 🙂


This is Anthony, Karissa and I at the game!


How about them Vikes…

So, yeah, that Vikings game was painful to sit through… but my dad liked the jersey that I got for him! So, there’s that! And I’m going to the upcoming Vikings game against the Packers. I’m anticipating a butt whooping, but wouldn’t it be amazing if they just out of nowhere destroyed the Packers??? I would be so happy! 🙂 But holy cow they were just horrible on Monday Night Football! I mean, we lost to the Giants! C’mon man! The Giants?! They played horribly too! Ugh….

Also, I did have a lot of fun at ValleyScare! It wasn’t really that scary in my opinion, but I had a good time going through the mazes and hanging out with friends. We actually only went on one ride and that was the Mad Mouse.


This is where I sat at the Vikings-Panthers game!



So I’m going to the Vikings game this Sunday with my cousin, (not the same one that I’m going to ValleyScare with) and my dad! His birthday is on the 16th so I got him a jersey and a ticket to the game that’s the closest to his birthday.

I haven’t been to a Viking’s game in forever! And I don’t think my dad has been to one for even longer than I. I’m just glad I can take him to one.

I almost messed up at first… I first bought three tickets for my cousin, my friend, and I. I told my cousin I would buy him tickets to the game because it’s the Vikings against his favorite team, the Panthers. So I did! I bought three and planned on taking my friend for the third party. Then, I thought more about it and realized that my dad’s birthday was three days after the game, so I thought, “*Expletive*! I should have bought an extra ticket for my dad!” So I talked to my mom about it and bought an extra ticket, but it’s three rows in front of the other three and all the way at the other end of the section. I was hoping that we could all move and get together somewhere else in the section. My friend said that would be too dependent on other people.

I immediately regretted that decision.

My friend said he didn’t want to go anymore, at least not with me, because he said that being to dependent on other people and what they were doing or wanting. So he backed out, and at this point I have an extra ticket!

It’s funny though, because now he’s going again, but with his sister. I guess when she found out he wasn’t going she asked if he wanted to go with her. So I have been trying for the last week to get rid of this extra ticket! I’m hoping I can just sell it to somebody that wants to get it.

But yeah! I got the three new jerseys in the picture above! One for my dad(#29 Xavier Rhodes), one for me(#84 Cordarralle Patterson), and maybe the other one for my mom(#69 Jared Allen), if it fits her.

I’m excited for Sunday! 🙂

ValleyScare, well somewhat ValleyScare


So I’m going to ValleyScare this weekend with my girlfriend, my cousin, and his friend. This should be exciting!

I’ve never been to ValleyScare, so I hope it lives up to actually being scary. I do scare pretty easily, so they have that going for them. Although, most scary movies I watch aren’t actually scary, like at all. The things that get to me most are the jump scares, where something comes out of nowhere to scare you, as in, something or someone just pops up into the movie screen really quick in an attempt to scare the people.

If I were in a scary movie with people running after me trying to rip my guts out, I’d be freaking the heck out. Which if I remember correctly one of the commercials for ValleyScare were kind of like that, with an evil clown running after some teenage girls. Hopefully that happens because I think that would be a pretty awesome thrill.

Well, we were hoping to be able to dress up in costumes for the trip, and I’m really hoping so, because I got that pretty awesome Pimp costume in that picture above! According to my girlfriend that last time she went to ValleyScare she dressed up but the workers didn’t like it. I guess I’ll have to look more into whether or not we can.

I’ll update as to whether or not it was scary!!

Common Courtesy


These guys are my favorite! Their new album “Common Courtesy” just dropped on Tuesday and I love it! It is, so far, my favorite album that they’ve made. Although, that could just be because it just came out and I was anticipating it for almost a year when they teased all of their fans with their song from the album “Violence [Enough is Enough.]” They almost couldn’t release the album because of their record label’s owner.

There has been a lawsuit going on between them and their label for almost three years now because they want out of that label for withholding money from them. A judge told them that they could release the album on Oct. 8th, which Victory Records had been fighting against. They didn’t want them to release the album off of the label, even though this entire album was self-funded, all while in a lawsuit, wow. AND I LOVE IT!

They have a song called “The Document Speaks For Itself” which is basically calling out Victory Records. The song is brutal, like quite a bit of the album, but it also has poppy type songs and even a few acoustic songs, which is pretty typical for A Day To Remember. Most of the songs give me the chills every time I listen to it! I’m more into the brutal, hard, heavy songs, but the last song on the album has got to be one of my favorites. It’s a poppy song called “I Remember.” Jeremy, the lead singer/screamer, basically recalls all of the times with the band singing things like “I remember when I first saw the country, and sleeping in the van,” things like that. It’s basically a song that takes you on a journey with them. And it’s awesome. At the end of that song there is a four and a half minute period where the band is just talking about experiences that they had on tour, mostly before they got big. It’s just awesome!

I definitely thought that it was worth the three year wait! I honestly don’t know how they could improve on it, but apparently Jeremy does. He wasn’t completely satisfied with the outcome, he said that they had over 40 song ideas, but that many songs can’t fit on a CD. Haha. So they brought it down to 13 songs, and he says his favorite song that they made wasn’t even on the album, and that it would most likely be on the deluxe version whenever that comes out.

Overall I would give ‘Common Courtesy’ a 10/10! But I would have loved just about anything that they put out, so, yeah… Don’t take this as an expert review! 🙂